Bodies Heal Naturally When Given The Ingredients

Food is the essence of life. You’re body is a complex machine and for you to stay healthy you must eat foods containing the “building blocks” that your body needs.

If your body is missing any of the molecular pieces needed for healthy function, it will break down — and it will not be able to fix itself using your natural inborn abilities, unless you provide it with the raw materials for rebuilding.

Think of it like building a skyscraper. You are more than just protein, carbohydrates, and fats! You need all the nuts and bolts, every last unique piece of the building must be available to build it. If you forget any one of the hundreds of pieces you could have a disaster and your home might collapse around you.

What we eat has the power to heal us — or to kill us and bring disease.

In fact, the vast majority of diseases are cause by “nutrient deficiency”. This means that if you don’t have enough of a specific, vitamin, mineral, or nutrient then your body will start to get weak and symptoms of your deficiency will appear in your life as diseases such as cancer, pain, skin problems and rashes, behavioral problems, sleeping problems, osteoporosis, joint pain, muscle spasms, even mental disorders like psychotic behavior, ADHD, and others are strongly linked to the foods we choose.

You have the choice to eat for health, or eat for disease. Which would you like?

Your Real Pharmacy, is a Farm!

Notice, that I said many diseases are caused by a lack of nutrients — not a lack of pharmaceutical drugs. How could a drug heal you if it does not provide what the body’s own healing mechanisms need? Pharmaceuticals, despite commonly being called “medicine” are not designed to address the root cause of your disease. Most of them are designed to hide the symptoms of your problems until the disease is so bad that not even the drugs can hide it anymore. Instead, you can solve your problem by giving your body the nutrition it needs.

Think of it this way. Your body is like a car – it is the vehicle that carries your mind through this world. If your vehicle is getting old and rickety and seems to be falling apart, would it be a good idea to strap pharmaceutical rocket boosters to it? NO!

Pharmaceuticals are like rocket boosters, they force your body to do something it’s not designed to do. If you were to strap rocket boosters to a car you wouldn’t want to do it when the care is falling apart, you’d want to fix us the car nice and strong so that it survives the force of the rockets. It’s the same thing with drugs, if you have to take them, you sure hell should have your body fixed up and in strong working condition before you subject it to the stress of those unnatural chemicals.

The Highest Quality Nutrients

Specifically Selected for Your Unique Personal Health Needs.

Dr. Hendlin is a nutritional expert. In fact, he’s more than that, he is a specialist in the science of “nutritional functional medicine”. This is the science of how all the complex molecules of a healthy body work together, interact, and cure or cause disease.

He has spent more than 30 years mastering the true art and science of disease treatment as described by “the father of western medicine”, Hippocrates, who said:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

If the founding father of western medicine said that; and almost all doctors, even today, swear the Hippocratic Oath in his name — do you think maybe it would be wise of you to take the advice?

In the modern world it can be very challenging to get the nutritious foods that were available to most of our ancestors because our industrial society has accidentally reduced the nutrient content of our diets. We don’t eat the same foods our ancestors did, and the ones we do eat are now dangerously low in minerals, and high in toxins such as pesticides and herbicides.  Instead of being a source of nourishment and health the common diet has become a confusing mess of dramatic eating disorders, cravings, addictions, and body-image obsessions.

It has been an honor to provide thousands of people with nutritional counseling and high quality nutritional supplements. Fill those gaps in your body’s cells begging for the right working parts to be delivered. We can provide you with a wide range of the highest quality nutrients, specifically selected by Dr. Hendlin for your personal situation and health needs.  I would like to offer you the opportunity to schedule a Nutritional Consultation with our health clinic so we can provide you with personalized recommendations and guidance to get you back to health.